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Molo Kids Skirt Belle

Outlet Moda Primavera Verano Faldas MOLO KIDS

54,00€ 21,60€

Skirt Molo Kids of salmon color with prints of birds like the Flamingo, parrots etc. An original and modern skirt for girls available from 2 to 10 years.

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Skirt Tumble 'n dry bebé Elsie orange

Outlet Moda Primavera Verano Faldas TUMBLE'N DRY

From 37,00€ 14,80€

Dry Tumble'n skirt in orange with flying lurex stripes. On the side has a butterfly embroidered and a gold-colored rope belt as a decorative complement.

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Skirt Litte Indians Palmeras Orange Strap

Outlet Moda Primavera Verano Faldas LITTLE INDIANS

37,50€ 15,00€

Little Indians organic cotton skirt with straps in orange with a white palm print. The straps are adjustable.

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Skirt Sproet & Sprout Big Diamond

Outlet Moda Otoño Invierno Faldas SPROET & SPROUT

From 55,00€ 22,00€

Sproet & Sprout suspender skirt in terracotta with a large black diamond pattern, the diamond pattern is printed. The straps are adjustable with buttons. Ideal to combine with the autumn / winter collection aw20!

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